This video was initially created to answer a question inside the Autodesk forums, reply to this thread >>>click<<<

It shows how to create GeoTIFF (including the world-file) based from content in AutoCAD’s modelspace.

The workflow is quite simple, we place blocks (rectangular, can be dynamic) which stands for:

  • definition of position
  • definition of size

For each block we create now a GeoTiff + TFW, the name of the created file is defined inside the block as attribute as well as the resolution to be used for creating the GeoTIFF.

The same functionality is used to create layouts. Therefor we need again the same blocks for position/size as well as a template layout with one viewport. The OoC-Plot function creates then a copy of the template layout, set the view inside the viewport according to the block position from the modelspace, parallel to this coordinates of corners and similar attributes can be filled automatically.

Well, more details can be found in this video:

Hope this is what inside the forums thread was requested and would work well for everyone needing GeoTIFF from AutoCAD.

Cheers, Alfred



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